Wie in meinem vorherigen Eintrag erwähnt, habe ich in der Sommerpause viel Super Mario Maker 2 auf der Switch gespielt und dabei vor allem viele Level gebaut. Insgesamt sind es 45 Stück geworden. Mein persönlicher Favorit ist "The lighthouse".

Hier eine vollständige Liste aller Level-IDs. Ihr könnt mich auch über meine Maker-ID PXR-SK5-LGG finden.

Nr.  Levelname Level-ID
1.  Transparent pipes and bombs 3XL-7R9-9NG
2.  Bigger is not always better FKL-HR7-GNG
3.  Play with the bombs 5W3-JY5-44G
4.  High to the cloudy sky SV8-RDC-SLG
5.  Classic airship coin collect 0V0-G9Q-N0H
6.  Ride of the koopa shells XSB-HKD-3VG
7.  Sliding rooms 3FW-YGG-RHF
8.  Pipe to the old house TX7-0FW-GRG
9.  A simple icy world, enjoy! 5BF-Y5M-JNG
10.  Some 3D experiments for you LS3-88X-3RG
11.  The mirror cave J3P-0TR-41G
12.  Classic dusty world Q4D-X16-PBG
13.  Choices LDH-3HR-72G
14.  Second ride of the koopa shells 602-DDG-MSF
15.  Snowy bones 32Q-CHN-YSG
16.  Magic Mushrooms 1WM-RR8-PVF
17.  Collect them all & up to the sky PHD-RDK-LFF
18.  Easy switches 1TS-SQS-JKF
19.  Ypsilon CVN-1RH-0JF
20.  Meow 99D-F3W-77G
21.  Hammer-like MJP-5K6-QWG
22.  Safe yoschi in bowsers castle 6WD-JVT-Q1H
23.  Extraball S44-GWJ-LGF
24.  Troll Q15-7RC-CCG
25.  Deep cave 25B-6WW-JCG
26.  Deep dive DB6-24F-N7G
27.  Some more 3D experiments NXW-HW5-L1G
28.  Seesaws are your friends LYD-RFF-97G
29.  A short jungle ride KQ5-C44-FQF
30.  The lighthouse YXC-JRF-XNF
31.  Troll TWO 751-S6K-YRG
32.  Unpretentious celerity [40 sec] HTW-KLY-21H
33.  The third, what's going on? v3 J7J-DSC-BJG
34.  Keydeath JK1-SHM-SSG
35.  Bigger is not always better TWO DPS-N2J-L7G
36.  Shoes BN2-77V-8FF
37.  A fair multiplayer versus v2 JW8-FPF-9XF
38.  One hundred Q6S-KJQ-QMF
39.  Fireflowers are a cure VV9-FLH-MRF
40.  Circus CLM-6GN-RWF
41.  Adventures of TatzenBär 5WG-85B-CBG
42.  Speedy GonMario [50 sec] MJG-PGQ-TDF
43.  Puzzeling with snowballs 9RN-9XK-8YG
44.  Fire and ice QPG-8SH-MFG
45.  Linked BK7-JJ6-0NF